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Pan Pacific Orchard

Project Type

Architecture, Interior


April 2023



Pan Pacific Orchard envisions a new prototype for high-rise tropical hospitality. This 23-storey 350-room building will be a distinctive garden hotel, adding to the spectacle along Singapore’s famed Orchard Road shopping belt.

To overcome the limited site area and to break down the scale, the design stacks 4 distinct strata with landscaped Terraces with amenities. The guestrooms are split into 3 stacks configured in L-shaped stacks overlooking either the Terraces or city. The interiors are designed to reinforce the character of each strata, offering a unique boutique-scale experience.

Across each Terrace, large 10 meter wide green columns with creepers juxtapose against the stacked massing and lend the urban hotel with a touch of resort. More than 10,000 m2 of greenery and water gardens are incorporated, 3 times that of the site area. A diverse variety of species are selected to create a lush tropical setting that is attractive not only to the people but also to insects and birds, encouraging biophilia and biodiversity in the city.

The Hotel is awarded Green Mark Platinum, Singapore’s highest environmental certification. The hotel is slated for opening in Q4 2022.

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